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Stay informed of our upcoming geocaching events, event schedules, meet & greets and locations.  Check back regularly for updated information.  GEOSutherlin brings adventure to life.


New or experienced in Geocaching, you can see what fellow geocacher’s are doing all over the world.  Read on about Global Geocaching adventures as you prepare to embark on the world’s largest treasure hunt!

Bringing Adventures to Life

GEOSutherlin brings adventures to life. We bring our talents to the forefront by creating unique and inventive Geocaching adventures that combine the experience of the Pacific Northwest, the thrill of seeking and finding and the joy of giving back.

About Us

GEOSutherlin captures the magic of the moment, whether it’s a cache adventure, Meet & Greet, Poker Run, CITO with giving back to the community or just the need to get out and enjoy the beauty around us.  GEOSutherlin brings adventure to life.

Upcoming Adventures

GEOSutherlin brings adventure to life.

Whether it’s a CITO that gives back to the community, a Poker Run, or a GEOcaching coin challenge.  Come see what we are about.

geocaching while enjoying the outdoors

Previous Adventures

Over the years, we can get stuck in a rut.  We get up every morning, make breakfast, get ready for work, then come home, make supper, clean up, go to bed, then do it all over again the next day.

GEOSutherlin offers a moment away from this type of schedule with adventure & discovery

CITO Time at Ford's Pond in Sutherlin