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Hey Geo Adventurers!

Guess what? It’s that time again – the thrilling occurrence that happens once every four years! We’re talking about the fantastic opportunity to mark off those Feb 29th boxes on our geocaching stats. Whether you’re a Challenge Caches enthusiast, a PGC Stats aficionado, or just love filling out Charts & Grids, this is an event you absolutely can’t afford to miss!

Now, we get it – many of us have combed through our local turf, uncovering all the less common cache types. In some cases, we’ve scoured the terrain for miles, and even further for those elusive Rare Icons. Personally, I’ve decided to spice things up by placing brand new caches of every available type for this extraordinary challenge. Brace yourselves for a journey with a passport that’s going to be more colorful than a rainbow! And wait, there’s more – I’ve thrown in a coin challenge to turn this into an epic and exciting Event!

Are you ready to embark on this geocaching escapade? Block out your entire day (check out the schedule on the event page), because we’re going all out. Yes, we know it falls on a weekday, but who cares? Hopefully, you’ve got some PTO stashed away or can work some magic to join us for this one-of-a-kind adventure. The Events alone promise you 10 different Icons – make it 11 if you can snag a webcam log!

Oh, and about those Geocoins and Passports – they’ll be up for grabs until the Geocoins vanish into thin air. Reach out to “FxBill” to secure your passport and claim your Geocoin. Just remember, after Feb 29th, the caches will still be around, but the two Event Icons won’t. Say goodbye to those rare Feb 29th “Found it” logs – they’re exclusive to this unforgettable day! See you there, fellow explorers!

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