It’s not too late to check off your February 29 box for your Leap Year Coin!

Golden Opportunity to earn your 2024 Leap Year Coin.  This rare event occurs once every 4 years!

Here’s what you need to do to earn this:

Log 8 newly published cache types to earn your coveted Geocoin. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to fill those Feb 29th boxes on your geocaching stats. Whether it’s Challenge Caches, PGC Stats, or other charts and grids, you’ll want to seize this moment.

Many of us have exhausted local caches, and some must travel miles for finds. To meet this challenge, I’m placing new caches of all available types. It’s going to be quite the colorful passport!

Geocoins and passports will be available until supplies last.

Contact “FxBill” or visit Motel 6 in Roseburg to get your passport and claim your Leap Year Geocoin.

Additional info located here